The interactive Speech: Discipline is a weapon - use it!

The keynote: We do not need more power, knowledge, talent or the golden opportunity. What we need is the self discipline to use what we already have! Self discipline is the trait that makes the difference. It goes hand in hand with determination and resilience. You can plan, dream, create and think positevely all you want - and still not make your business a success if you do not take action in a self - disciplined way. Mastering the art of self discipline is like investing successfully in time. Those who plan ahead and who complete tasks within the time allocated develop the confidence to know they can achieve their larger goals.

The experience: Build your self-discipline-muscel, daily. By matching your desires to the actions you need to take, you will transform any goal into reality.

Content: Combining the best of modern social science with practical Shaolin wisdom, Marc Gassert shares a modern lesson in willpower. As our society has moved away from the virtues of thrift and self-denial, we often feel helpless because we face more temptations than ever. But we also have more knowledge and better tools for taking control of our lives. However we define happiness--we won't reach it without mastering self-control.


„Mastering others ist strength, Mastering yourself is true power“ Lao Tzu


Marc Gassert analyses the “TOOLBOX of self discipline” by making it accessible to everyone and helps to tap each person`s full potential. Marc`s vibrant speech shows his undisguised view on Asian wisdom: Full of inspiration, profound, exciting, and visually rich. Essentially, discipline is something desirable, grandiose; maybe even the most important virtue in your life. Discipline helps us to reach our goals – whether they are private or professional.  


“You cannot buy discipline – but it pays off” Marc Gassert